Inception: Palm, Ditch, Steal // Inception: Load, Misdirection, Switch

Palm, Ditch, Steal follows Arthur as the team experiment with new techniques and take on new jobs. (Arthur/Eames, Ariadne/Saito)

Click here to read Palm, Ditch, Steal at AO3.

Load, Misdirection, Switch follows Ariadne as the team take their time planning out revenge for the events of Palm, Ditch, Steal. (Ariadne/Saito, Arthur/Eames)

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Stories by fandom under the cut.

For quality, I think -- I hope! -- reverse chronological order is your best bet.

My current five favourites are:

-- And Still (Merlin, Merlin/Arthur)
-- Turning (Doctor Who, Donna)
-- Tired Boys and Wired Eyes (Bandom, Travis McCoy/William Beckett)
-- And Other Animals (Hitchhiker's Guide, Ford/Arthur)
-- Sex With Your Drugged Team Leader: Is It Really Such A Bad Idea? (Stargate Atlantis, McKay/Sheppard)

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Remix/podfic/etc policy:

I am totally in favour of people making fanworks off the back of my fanworks -- remixes, podfics, sequels, critiques, commentaries, anything -- just as long as you credit me and maybe drop me a link to the finished product. In fact, I'd be delighted.

Merlin: An Ever-Fixed Mark (Part 1/2)

Title: An Ever-Fixed Mark
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Merlin/Morgana/Gwen/Arthur
Rating: PG
Wordcount: ~15 000
Warnings: None (see policy)
With thanks: To derryderrydown for beta, to vampire_kitten for listening to my plot woes, to chosenfire28 for awesome art and to polybigbang for organising this wonderful challenge.
Notes: This was written before Season Two started airing.

Accompanying art: Here by chosenfire28. I love it and I hope you will too.

Summary: Fusion with Ursula le Guin's planet O. In a world with very different marriage rules, a noble wedding and a magical threat still can't make Merlin, Arthur, Gwen and Morgana talk about their feelings.

Please click here to read An Ever-Fixed Mark on AO3.

(For completeness, part 2/2 could previously be found here, though now there is just a link to the story on AO3.)

Lewis: Salting the Wound

Title: Salting the Wound
Fandom: Lewis
Pairing: Lewis/Hathaway
Rating: PG
Wordcount: ~6500
Warnings: None (see policy)
With thanks: To brightlywoven for beta, cheerleading and being made of awesome. All mistakes are, of course, mine.
Summary: A death at a dinner party leads Lewis and Hathaway to investigate a group of teachers, doctors and other pillars of the community.

"Right, you two," Hobson said in her special tone of voice for talking to children, the mentally incompetent and police officers. "George Bloom was a friend of mine, Devi Monkford is a friend of mine, and you are going to pull your collective finger out on this one."

Please click here to read Salting the Wound on AO3.

Abandoned fiction 1: Doctor Who: The sun was shining on the sea

I found a cache of fiction I abandoned last summer -- I'm slowly going through and deciding what to salvage and what to give up. Sadly, this first half of a Doctor Who story, which was meant to be part of a whole alternative series of Donna and Martha adventures, is one of the casualties.

Lots of spoilers for seasons three and four.

Warnings: None (see policy)


"This," said Martha with flourish that didn't sit quite right with her spare, quick movements, "is a TARDISH."

Donna looked at it more closely. It looked more like one of those old-fashioned double bikes you saw on films. A tandem. A voice in the back of her head started singing, 'Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do.'

"It travels through Time And Relative Dimensions In Space," Martha explained. "Hopefully."


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Discworld/Due South: Ankh-Morpork's Most Wanted

Title: Ankh-Morpork's Most Wanted
Fandom: Discworld/Due South
Pairing: RayK/Fraser
Wordcount: ~1000
Warnings: None (see policy)
Notes: This is a tribute, pure and simple, to cesperanza's amazing Chicago's Most Wanted. It should just about make sense if you haven't read that first, but I would highly, highly recommend doing so. It is written for birdsflying, with thanks and love.
Summary: I first came to Ankh-Morpork on the trail of the killers of my father...

Please click here to read Ankh-Morpork's Most Wanted on AO3.