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How I Met Your Mother / Torchwood: Free Beer (Barney/Captain Jack) [Dec. 6th, 2006|11:34 am]
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I got into How I Met Your Mother thanks entirely to this clip (YouTube) of the actors on a chat show, in which two of them (Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel -- Barney and Marshall) sing The Confrontation from Les Miz.

If you need further convincing that Barney is the awesomest awesome who ever suited up, YouTube also handily provides a one and a half minute summary of The Essential Barney (all clips taken from the first few episodes, I think).

I defy you to watch both of the above and not think Barney deserves some Captain Jack Harkness. So:

Title: Free Beer
Pairing: Barney/Captain Jack
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: ~1800
Continuity: How I Met Your Mother: Set early/mid season one. No spoilers. Doctor Who / Torchwood: Set before season one of TW. Mild concept spoilers; no plot spoilers.
Warnings: None (see policy)
Summary: "It's like Barney has a good twin," Robin whispered. "A good, hot twin."

Please click here to read Free Beer on AO3.

[User Picture]From: apiphile
2006-12-08 01:09 pm (UTC)
Barney looked deep into his own soul and found the one thing that separates man from beast, the spark of decency inside every living person. Yes, kids, that's right. He found the urge to pity-fuck a hot stranger.

Who is this Barney and why do I feel like I know him?

(I watched the episode of HIMYM with the pineapple, I think, and didn't understand what was going on)
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[User Picture]From: foreverdirt
2006-12-08 04:16 pm (UTC)
Heeh! Oh, Barney.

(I don't think understanding what's going on adds much to the experience. I just like to sit back and watch Barney be Barney, while Alyson Hannigan is irrationally hot in the background.)
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[User Picture]From: apiphile
2006-12-08 10:17 pm (UTC)
One day I am going to supply you with graphs that prove Ms. Hannigan's hotness to be entirely rational.
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