Katy (imperfectcircle) wrote,

How I Met Your Mother / Torchwood: Free Beer (Barney/Captain Jack)

I got into How I Met Your Mother thanks entirely to this clip (YouTube) of the actors on a chat show, in which two of them (Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel -- Barney and Marshall) sing The Confrontation from Les Miz.

If you need further convincing that Barney is the awesomest awesome who ever suited up, YouTube also handily provides a one and a half minute summary of The Essential Barney (all clips taken from the first few episodes, I think).

I defy you to watch both of the above and not think Barney deserves some Captain Jack Harkness. So:

Title: Free Beer
Pairing: Barney/Captain Jack
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: ~1800
Continuity: How I Met Your Mother: Set early/mid season one. No spoilers. Doctor Who / Torchwood: Set before season one of TW. Mild concept spoilers; no plot spoilers.
Warnings: None (see policy)
Summary: "It's like Barney has a good twin," Robin whispered. "A good, hot twin."

Please click here to read Free Beer on AO3.
Tags: crossover, how i met your mother, torchwood
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