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Yuletide (The Longed-For Moment, History Boys) and Favourite Lines

Ooh, I forgot to mention on this journal! For yuletide this year I wrote The Longed-For Moment (History Boys, Posner/Dakin, R)

Warnings: None (see policy)

"Sex with Dakin," Posner said with a worldly air, "was like my Bar Mitzvah."


I'm not doing the end of year review questionnaire, because And Other Animals is my best, favourite and most-loved story ever, which made for a very boring set of answers. But I have just spent the last ten minutes procrastinating my way through the favourite lines meme:

Favourite lines from my 2006 stories

Discworld / Doctor Who (10th Doctor)

Representations and Characters (gen)

There were also names for people who dressed like that and tried to fool wizards with Headological Paper. Croaky the Frog leapt to mind.

As Seen From Above (Rose/Cheri)

Cheri put a hand to her face. She could still feel the graceful curve Rose's finger had swept out.

Hitchhiker's Guide

And Other Animals (Ford/Arthur -- third in the Aliens Make Ford and Arthur Have Sex series)

I'm torn between

Arthur doubted they'd inherited their credulity from Ford. This thought bothered him.


"So," Arthur said, thinking hard, "perhaps we could just shave them."

The Gladiator's Honour (Ford/Arthur -- challenges_past Harlequin challenge)

Arthur frowned. Dimly, it occurred to him that anyone prepared to spend fifteen minutes trying to seduce a man chained to a wall might have even bigger problems than being kidnapped from his home planet and sold into slavery. "Chin up?" he suggested awkwardly. "I'm sure it's not that bad."

Stargate Atlantis

An Introduction To The Characters Of Finite Groups (McKay/Sheppard)

"Yes, yes, cute and deadly, just like me." Everyone looks at Rodney. "What?"

Sex With Your Drugged Team-Leader: Is It Really Such A Bad Idea? (McKay/Sheppard)

Ooh, instead of giving you my favourite line, I'm going to give you a line I had to cut for being too similar to one in Them Other Boys Don't Know How To Act by eleveninches. (I'm pretty sure I came up with my version on my own, but I didn't like to leave it in.)

"I think I don't care." Zelenka glared at him. "I also think those are my fries."

Rodney's hand paused midway to Zelenka's plate. "He took mine!"

Zelenka pushed his glasses up. "Thank God he did not take your virtue, too."

Second Prime (McKay/Sheppard/Zelenka)

"We do," says Rodney, lifting his chin as if he is trying to persuade Dr Weir to allow him to juggle ZPMs for fun. I won't drop them, his eyes promise. It'll be awesome. It is strangely convincing.

Torchwood / How I Met Your Mother

Free Beer (Barney/Captain Jack)

One high-five later, Barney continued.

The History Boys

The Longed-For Moment (Posner/Dakin -- yuletide)

Posner went to get another round in, leaving his past self sitting at Dakin's desk, his trousers round his ankles and his cock up in the air.
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